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Post po angielsku (darujcie) ale uznałem, że więcej osób angielsko języcznym zainteresuje się tym odkryciem (a mianowicie, że Stan nie jest wujkiem Dippera... TYKO DZIADKIEM!!!)

Ok, so I recently watch all "Gravity Falls" episode ("The love god" was the last one to air), I fallow the clues and I think I puzzled out one of show's main mysteries....

Gruncle Stan isn't Dipper's and Mabel's uncle... BUT GRANDFATHER!!!!

So let's fallow the clues :

- As many of you know, there where plenty of hints that Stan has a twin brother. For example : when they  time-travel we see a younger Stan in Mystery Shack but with diffrent hair and glasses, we see boy with same hair deading a book in a flash-back in another episode but his face is covered since he is seen reading a book, when Dipper discover a secret room Stan notice a pair of glases, like the ones from the flash back and hides them and plenty more. NOTE : Many detales in Stan's brother room pointed out for him to be some sort of a inventor.

- Bill mentiones he knows Stan but Stan doesn't know who Bill is.

- Since season two Stan is working on some myserious portal. What he want's to bring back? (Note that the three where Dipper found his book is metal sugesting whoever build it must have been some sort of an inventor)

- Stan also shown getting angry at people who are having good time with their grandchildren (see episode two) and wanted to have simialar conection with Dipper and Mabel.

- Stan hates the ways of Gravity Falls town, while his brother was shown living there decates ago (check the time travel episode agian)

So let's conect the dots...

Let's say it was Stan's brother got traped in some paraller dimention (or whatever the portal will revell) and Stan is trying to bring him back using the books his brother wrote. Tha'ts what most people speculate...


Stan's name isn't "Stan"!  That's the name of his twin brother. When Bill is talking about Stan wee see a brief picture of younger Stan with diffrent hair (not Stan we know but his brother) So Stan isn't his name but the name of his brother!

Stan took over his identity! This would explain why he is still having hard time getting use to the town, despite being meant to live their for few decades.
Stan's brother got lost and Stan is trying to puzzle out how to get him back but since their twins he took over his identity to make thing less suspicion (he is a profesional con-man after all) Why Stan would start place like Mystery Shack? He dosen't care for paranormal. He brother who started the Shack did (he wrote the books and all)

But if the one named "Stan" is meant to be identity of Dipper's and Mabel grand uncle, that would make Stan.... their grandfather (!!!) This would explain why he was so hungry to have a conection with them in early episode (he didn't got angry on people who got good time with their nephews but with their grandchildren).


Or did I? We just have to whait and see... ;)

Maciej Kur

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