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Goodbye SPILL.COM! Thanks for the smiles!

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First of all I like to note my English isn't the best so forgive me few spelling errors here and there.

A very sad mile stone happens today in my life. After five or maybe even six years of being there, SPILL.COM got officially shutdown today.

Now I can guess your first reaction is probably "Well, what's the big deal? It was just some website".

Well as corny it will sound... It was way much more then that.

For those who don't know Spill.com was website full of weekly podcast and movie audio reviews. There where also animated reviews which grab my attention in the first place but to be honest I wasn’t watching those as regularly in recent years.

Now there are plenty of other podcasts on the internet - I would even agrue I'm having hard time to fall a sleep without some sort of podcast On - some as informative [SlashFilm] or as funny [SmodCast] HOWEVER one element Spill had I'm yet to found in some other podcast was the chemistry between the guys. They all had great colorful personalities and playoff each other perfectly. They where different enough to get into long arguments but had enough self-irony and sense of humor to make the whole thing fun. They could point out each other flaws and make fun  of them but you still felt they where good friends.

What's important is that they wouldn't just sit and talk about movies and pop-culture. They would sometimes get into personal stories, never shy away from their world views or point out each other flaws. It was just like hanging out with group of friend having long conversation over a beer (Well, Ok I don't drink alcohol but you ge my point) Some times it would get goofy but sometimes it would get deep and philosophical.

Yhe they would sometimes get low brown (Korey), cynical (Cyrus), Mr. know it all (Carlyle), loud (Co-Host) or grumpy (Leon) But hey! That's the way guys are and that's what made the podcast more three-dimensional then other podcast I know. It was especially enlightening experience for me since (with more or less exception of Carlyle) most of my world view was of different side of coin then the Spill guys with me being mainly a right wing, religious guys and them being liberal atheists. What's fun is that never bother me. It was enjoyable to listen to people on other side making their points and I learn more about what's their reasoning.

I learn a lot more about movies, I learn a lot about comics, I learn a lot more about pop-culture in general and In many ways it shape my current sence of humor! Heck! It even strongly improve my English vocabulary...

I guess the only time I got angry at one of the guys, particularly Korey. One time, during the ACOCO podcast they had a podcast when they talk about their friend's lesbian wedding. In the comment section some asshole made series of very harsh anti-gay hate speech  comments. I responded “Dude chill down! I’m not a big fan of gay marriage myself but I would never put it the way you do! Your just making a huge dick of yourself. It’s people like you that make our side of the issue look like bunch of bigots”. Few hours later Korey wrote a long comment reprimand the guy and… to my surprise… Me as well.  What the…!? I responded telling that I just mentioned my personal opinion but if that’s such a big issue for him I won’t bring it up again to avoid the flame war. The Next week during ACOCO Korey talk with Carlyle and Leon about the homophobic Spill user and again Korey noted that *I* jumped into the conversation and agree  with the guy and wrote that gays are Immoral. But I never wrote such things! All I did was tell the guy to chill down… “Well at least He apologies” said Korey and made me face palm again. I learn that day that some people will go pretty far to make their side of the story look better now matter what… Forgive me for bringing such unpleasant story up but I wanted have this story out of my chest after all this time… But hey It’s just comes to show you – much like with most my friends there are ups and down.

But heck! Who care about this one negative example when there are tones of good ones?

One the of most memorable stories was Carlyle telling how he chase some kid who throw a rock at his scooter only to have the kid being stop by mysterious hobo who magicaly vanish as soon handle the trouble maker to Carlyle. His rant about “The Lion King” being an anti-individualism propaganda was hilarious as well (and shockingly he actually pointed out some of the movie true flaws there as wells) For a long time he was my favorite of the group and it was sad to have him be the first one to go…
I did relisted to some very old podcast on occasion and it got me very nostalgic. What’s interesting is often  I would say “Ow! I remember this part! It’s when Co-Host said…” and turn out Korey was the wan delivering the memorable line.

The guy’s responded to my comments and emails really but I remember most of them very well. At one point during Dare Devil-centric episode of LEOG Cyrus read my question where I misspelled “Dare Devil” as “DEAR Devil”. They made fun of this but in a very friendly way trying to “guess” what I had in mind.

Dear Devil, My Aunt May is very sick…” joked Cyrus.
Another time I made them laugh for a long time was my comment to the question about Robot prostitutes. “Why have sex with the robot, when you can do it with your girlfriend?”. The guys spent good few minutes laughing about the comment (“Dear God, Maciek!” Said Cyrus “Do you have any idea on what site you are On!?”)

One very nice moment happened during one of the last LEOG episodes. I don’t remember the context but the guys spent a lot of time throwing “Polish joke” (I think it was some World War II related discussion… it’s like the only time Poland get’s mentioned by Americans you know)
Maybe we should stop before we get some angry emails” noted Leon.
Like we have people from Poland listening to this” responded Cyrus.
Well, what about Maciek?
Ow right.
It was nice to get acknowledge ;)

So yes it’s very sad to see the site being shut down. It will be hard to get use to it after some many years. I hope the page will resurrect in some new form soon but It probably wont have the same vibe. Perhaps one day I will dig up some old podcast that are circling around the net and gave myself a bath of Nostalgia.

I’ll try to gave the biggest support I can to “ONE OF US”, a podcast page started by LEOG members including Martin (Leon) and Chris (Cyrus). While it's a spin-off of Spill.com it's as funny and pretty enjoyable so far.



AND LOOK what I just found! The very first fan art I ever did for those guys, all the way back in 2009 :

[How ironic the date is]

Few fan drawings I did in recent time :

(my reaction to Leon review of that horrible "Smurfs 2" movie)

And few of my all time favorites :

You can find more of my Spill-related fan art HERE.  It's amazing how much I did it over the years but I guess it's just a testament of how much I loved those guys...

This may make me sad but all the plesant memories make me even more teary eyes and that's what important right now! :)


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